ay. Doyle has searched. The place must have been pretty well gone over. However, I can see nothing left but to search again," he decided, quickly. "We must go down there." X THE ORDEAL BEAN Wilford's office was in an old building of the days when a structure of five or six stories, with a cast-iron, ornamented front, was considered a wonderful engineering achievement. It was down-town, i

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n the heart of the financial district, and had been chosen by Wilford, without a doubt, to convey an impression of solidity and conservatism, a useful camouflage to cover the essential character of his law practice as scandal attorney. We climbed the worn stairs with Leslie, and, as we mounted, I noticed that there was also, down the hall, a back stairway, evidently placed there in case

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of fire. Hence, it was possible, I reasoned, for a person to have slipped in or out practically unobserved from the front. We knew now that at least one person, probably two, had been there, though who they were we did not know. Nor was there yet any clue, except that certainly a woman had visited Wilford, at least early in the evening. Wilford's office was on the third floor, in th

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  • e [139] front. We entered and looked a

  • bout. Past the outer railing and out

  • er office was his own sanctum. It was furni

  • shed lavishly with divans and settees

  • in mahogany and dark leather, with elaborate han

  • gings over the windows and on the walls. The


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re were law-books, but only, it seemed, for th

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  • e purpose of giving

  • a legal flavor to th

  • e place. Most of the leg

  • al library was outsi

  • de. The office was r

  • ather like a den t


  • han a lawyer's offic

  • e. Reflecting, I

  • could see the reason. So

  • ciety must be made w

  • elcome here, and at

  • ease. Besides, the


  • conservative surrou

  • ndings were quite va

  • luable in covering up th

  • e profession—I had

  • almost said, busines

  • s—of divorce made

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easy and pleasant. I recalled Rascon and the crook detectives who made little concealment of their business—"Evidence for divorce furnished." Doubtless many of these

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  • gentry had found occupat

  • ion from thi

  • s source. What stori

  • es these walls mig

  • ht have told! They would h

  • ave made even Belle Ba

  • lcom's ears tingle.

  • At once Kenne

  • dy began his search of t

  • he office, going o


  • ver everything minutely but quickly, while we waited, apart. "Not even a finger-print has been left unobscured!" he exclaimed, finally, almost ready in disgust to give it up. "It is shameful—shameful," he muttered. "When will they learn to let things alone until some one comes who knows the scientific importance of little things! If only I could have bee

  • n first on the job." [140] "There's the typewriter," suggested Leslie, trying to divert attention and smooth things over. "Have you the letter?" asked Craig. Leslie drew it eagerly from his pocket and unfolded it. Kennedy took it, spread it out and studied it a moment: Honora: Don't think I am a coward to do this, but things cannot go on as t

  • hey have been going. It is no use. I cannot work it out. This is the only way. So I shall drop out. You will find my will in the safe. Good-by forever. Vail. Then Craig moved over and sat at the typewriter. Quickly he struck several keys, then made a hasty comparison of the note with what he had written. "The 's' and the 'r' are out of alignment, th

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, the other ov For Traffic

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oncluded, hurriedly, as though merely confirming what he was already convinced of. "There are enough marks to identify the writing as having been done on this machine, all right. No, there's nothing in

er there." As h

by as the | June 26, 2014

this note—except what is back of it, and we do not know that yet. Did Wilford write that letter, or was it written for him? It could hardly have been done voluntarily." "It was in this desk chair th

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at we found him sprawled—so," illustrated Doctor Leslie, dropping into the chair. Then, straightening up, he indicated the big flat-topped desk in the middle of [141] the room. "The two glasses were on


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    this desk—one of

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    them here

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    e pointed th



  • e spots out, one of them near where he was, the other near the outer edge of the desk, Kennedy's eye fell on the desk calendar. "I removed the pages I told y

  • ou about," supplied

  • Leslie, noticing the direction of Craig's glance. "It's a

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